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iQuest can offer your business the perfect Cloud Computing solutions so you can save on hardware costs and have remote access to your emails and files almost from anywhere in the world.

Whilst Cloud Computing seems like the latest IT craze, it’s actually been around for the past decade. Cloud Computing is simply a ‘virtual’ server and a way to store your data without needing certain hardware and software.

Benefits of Cloud Computing include:

  • Saves you money on unnecessary hardware and software you would have otherwise needed to purchase
  • Virtual access to your files and emails remotely
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Huge storing capacities
  • The risk of data loss lies with your host
  • Security and peace of mind
  • If your business takes off, your IT infrastructure can easily support the rapid growth

Once iQuest conduct an IT Audit on your business, we will recommend the best Cloud solutions for you. Like everything, the Cloud is a fantastic solution however, it has its own set of limitations.

Our IT Audit will highlight this to your business and offer alternative storage solutions

Our Partners:

iQuest prides itself on partnering with elite organisations in the business to ensure we bring our clients the latest technology to find the perfect fit for their business needs. We are currently partnering with the following organisations to bring the latest in cloud computing straight to you:

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Microsoft Azure

zettarid logo

ZettaNet’s ZettaGrid

amcom logoAmcom Cloud Services 

Telstra Cloud Services

amazon logo

Amazon Web Service (AWS)


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